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What Insert Radiator Production Process Procedures Are?

May 11, 2015

First, the density ratio of the teeth and the tongue mold in test mode when the first branch of the rod must be 150-200mm short rod or a rod.

Second, before the tryout, you must adjust the center of the extrusion, extrusion axis, Sheng ingot mold base tube and spout must be on a center line.

Third, in the test mode and normal production process, the aluminum rod heating temperature should be between 480-520 ℃.

Four, according to a conventional mold heating temperature of the mold temperature should be controlled at about 480 ℃, diameter of 200mm or less flat die capable of holding time is not less than 2 hours, if the split mold should be kept at least 3 hours; more than 200mm diameter the mold should be incubated for 4-6 hours to ensure the core temperature of the mold should be uniform and the outside temperature.

Fifth, before tryout or production, you must use clean clear cylinder head gasket cylinder liner containing ingot, and also view the extruder empty running correctly.