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Wang Plastic Profile

May 11, 2015

(1) Preparation of the monomer tetrafluoroethylene industry as a raw material of ethylene with chloroform, chloroform fluorination with anhydrous hydrofluoric acid such that the reaction temperature should be above 65 ℃, with antimony pentachloride as a catalyst, and finally then the thermal cracking into the legal system tetrafluoroethylene; (also available zinc effect occurs under high temperature conditions and tetrafluoroethylene dichloroethane obtained tetrafluoroethylene.)

(2) in the enamel or stainless steel polymerization vessel with water as the medium, fluorocarbon is a stabilizer, tetrafluoroethylene by redox polymerization and prepared polytetrafluoroethylene. Various additives were added to the reactor, tetrafluoroethylene monomer in the vapor phase into the polymerization vessel, the temperature of the autoclave was adjusted to about 25 ℃, and then adding a certain amount of activating agent (sodium metabisulfite), redox system for re-polymerization initiator. Polymerization process of continuous additional monomer, maintaining the polymerization pressure 0.49 ~ 0.78MPa, diluted with water dispersion obtained by polymerization to a certain concentration, and adjusting the temperature to 15 ~ 20 ℃, with mechanical stirring coagulated, washed and dried , that was fine granular resin product.