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PTFE/Teflon Rod

Product Description

    PTFE/Teflon rod can be made by extruded and molded techniques, so both extruded PTFE(teflon) rod and molded PTFE(teflon) rod can be offered. Meanwhile, we can use virgin, recycled or mixed PTFE material to make PTFE rod according to customers' different demands. As the material of PTFE has a very low co-efficient of friction, so the surface of PTFE rod has similar friction levels to ice. The material of PTFE can work at -180° C ~+260° C and is the best electrical insulator of all known plastics.

Extruded teflon PTFE rod can be used as lining, seal components, wire isolation, slide block, gasket, seal, dielectric material and so on.

We can also produce PTFE/Teflon rod in other diameters and lengths according to customers' requirements.    


Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
Nominal Tolerance Nominal Tolerance
5,6 +0.480 100 +5.0
7,8,9 +0.580 100 +5.0
10,13,15,16,18 +1.100 100,1000 +3.60
20,25,30 +1.130 100,1000 +3.60
35,40,45,50 +1.600 100,1000 +3.60
55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,100 +2.000 100,1000 +2.50
110,120,150,200 +2.500 100,1000 +2.50