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PTFE Graphite Rod

Jun 07, 2016

Product Description

1. Feature:
There are three kind of Teflon rod. Selecting dispersion polymerization Teflon resin and after cataplasm bulldoze, the rod whose diameter is 4mm-9mm is produced; Selecting suspend Teflon resin and after extrusion the rod whose diameter is 10mm-50mm is produced; While the rod with 55mm-300mm diameter by die pressing. In known plastic, Teflon has the best ability to anti chemistry corrosion and medium performance, non-aging, non-sticking, and can be used under
Temperature without load, and it has the lowest friction coefficients in known solid materials.

2. Usage:
Electric isolation part, sealed spacer, antisticking materials

3. Specification:
Model diameter(mm) length(mm)
pressing  rod 4~9 according to the need of customers
Extrusion rod DIa (mm)5~200   length  1000mm-2000mm
moulding  rodDia (mm) 55~300  length  100~300