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Introduction And Features PTFE Plates Are What

ptfe plate (also called PTFE Sheet, Teflon Board, Teflon plate) molding and turning points both, molded panels are made from PTFE resin molding using a molding method at room temperature, and then after sintering, cooling made. PTFE turning plate is made of PTFE resin through compacts, sintering, peeling from.

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), commonly known as plastic king, F4, or Teflon. By suspension PTFE resin obtained by molding can be made of sheet metal, turning film, tube. It can be made to suppress push type. It can be mixed with a plate of graphite, etc., rods, packing, rope, raw material belt.

Use a very wide temperature range (from -180 degrees Celsius to +250 degrees).

Basically all chemical substances with the exception of some anti-corrosive metal fluoride and alkaline liquid.

Excellent mechanical properties including anti-aging special bend and swing for the application of.