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Teflon Flat Bar Teflon Round Bar PTFE Extruded Rod

Sep 06, 2016
Basic Info

Product Description
Product Description
ItemColorThickness/DiameterRegular Size
Polypropylene(PP) plateClear, Colored or Customized0.1~2mmWidth<=1000
Polypropylene(PP) SheetWhite, Grey, Black or Customized2~60mm1220*2440mm,1000*2000mm
1500*3000mm,or customized
Polypropylene(PP) RodWhite, Black or Customized3~300mm1000mm,2000mm

ItemColorThicknessRegular Size
ABS sheetNatural, white, black Colored or Customized0.8~200mm610x1000mm,1200x1200mm,
1220x2000mm or customized

ItemColorThicknessRegular Size
HIPS sheetClear, Colorful or customized0.8~12mm1000x2000mm,1220x1830mm,
1220x2440mm or customized

ItemColorThickness/DiameterRegular Size
MC Nylon sheetBlue, White, or customized5~100mm1000x2000mm,1200x2400mm,
or customized
MC Nylon rodBlue, White, or customized40-450mm1000mm or customized

ItemColorThickness/DiameterRegular Size
Cast POM sheetWhite, Black or Customized5~80mm600x1200mm,1000x1000mm,
or customized
Extrude POM sheetWhite, Black or Customized0.5-100mm600x1200mm,1000x1000mm,
1000x2000mm or customized
POM rodWhite, Black or Customized5-230mm1000mm 2000mm
or customized

Lead Time:

Rubber products
3-7 days after the payment
Plastic products5-7 days after the payment                             
CNC machined parts3-10 days after the payment
Standard products1-3 days after the payment