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Teflon, PTFE

Product Detail

Product Description

Teflon have good chemical stability and corrosion resistance, it is the best material that use for corrosion resistance.
Operating Temperature: -20~250degree(-4~+482° F)
Operating Pressue: -0.1~6.4Mpa(Full vacuum to 64kgf/cm2)
Teflon sealing, bushing, gasket molding by suspension polymerization polytetrafluoroethylene, be used widely in Sealing material and filling material.
Now, Kinds of Teflon products are using for chemical, machinery, electron, military, flight, bridge and boat etc.
1. Thermostability------operating temperature can be 250degree.
2. Low temperature resistance-----since themperature lower to -196degree, the elongation still have 5%.
3. Corrosion resistance-----can resist kinds of chemical and solvent, can resist strong acid(H2SO4, HCl, HNO3) and strong base.
4. Excellent aging property-----It is the best in plastic. Can be exposed to air for a long time.
5. Good lubricating property-------have the lowest frictional factor in solid material.
6. Difficult to stick
7. Nonhazardous.
8. Noninflammability.