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PTFE Sheet/ Board

Jul 27, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info

Product Description
PTFE Corrosion-proof spacer plate
Model: ASL-511
    High-sealing spacer plate expanded by PTFE,without any binders agent and additive.
    Excellent gas seal performance;strong resistance to chemical corrosion;Professional design makes the spacer(plate) has a strong anti creep cold flow properties. so as to ensure the stability of bolt fastening force in the process of sealing; 
    Have the features to make up the defects and irregular of flange surface, sealing performance is reliable. 
    Has a very good flexibility, compression resilience, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, self-lubrication, etc.; 
Soft and easy cutting,cutting by machine or hand, easy to install; 
    Has the unique ability to adapt to the molding, no need to increase the pressing force, greatly extend the service life of the flange.
    Suitable for strong corrosion occasion;
    Can effectively control the leakage of the pipeline interface;
    Typical applications in the steel flange, plastic flange, glass lined flange, PTFE or rubber lined with flange, Seal damaged or non-parallel flange.
Technical data
Temperature-240~ +260ºC(reach to 315ºC in short time)
Normal size1524mm * 1524mm  tolerance: ±3%
we could make into sealing spacer according to customers requirments