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PTFE Products/Teflon Tube Products in Stock High Quality

PTFE products in stock High quality

1. Heat resistance property: It is able to work stably between -180 to +260.
2. Excellent non-sticky property --It easier to remove those like resin, dopes, oil and other sticky things.
3. Good mechanical property with no distortion and low friction can be filled.
4. It is not easy to aging

It can be used to make corrosion-resistant liner, seal, lining and gasket, scrap, guide rail, dielectric material.  For different frequency, bridge bearing slide.

Two kinds of ptfe pipes include molding and extruding pipes.
Ptfe mould pressing pipes is made by molding polyflon through pressing method under ordinary temperature, and then sinter it into different specifications of pipes.

PTFE pipe/tube with extraodinary resistance to high and low temperature corrosion and chemicals,exceptional electrical property and antiadhesive property,as wellas good flexibility,they are broad used as electrical heating tubes,high pressure transmit tubes,air valves for air conditioners,auto brake tubes etc.

Outer dia:25mm-1200mm  wall thickness:5-500mm  length:from100-300mm