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PTFE membrane is made of suspension PTFE resin rolling

May 11, 2015

Because materials such as rubber, glass, metals, alloys corrosion defects, it is difficult to meet strict temperature, pressure and chemical environment of coexistence, resulting loss is very striking. PTFE and its excellent corrosion resistance, has become a major corrosion-resistant materials in petroleum, chemical, textile and other industries. Specific applications include: transport corrosive gas pipelines, exhaust pipes, steam pipes, steel mill high pressure tubing, cold-pressed aircraft hydraulic systems and high voltage pipeline systems, distillation, heat exchangers, water bottles, towers, tanks, lined valves and other chemical equipment.

    Sealing performance is dependent on the overall efficiency and performance of equipment has a great influence. PTFE material is resistant to corrosion and aging, low friction coefficient and viscosity, a wide range of heat-resistant, elastic properties it is ideal for applications requiring high corrosion resistance in the manufacture of a temperature higher than 100 ℃ seals. Such as machines, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, large diameter flange sealing of containers, valves, channels, pumps, glass reactor, flat flanges, large diameter flange seals, shaft, rod, stem, worm gear pumps, piston rod seal, and so on.