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Plastic 100% Virgin PTFE Sheet

PTFE possesses the lowest friction coefficients of all solid materials; between 0.05 and 0.09:
* the static and dynamic friction coefficients are almost equal, so that there is no seizure or stick-slip action
* when increasing the load, the friction coefficient decreases until reaching a stable value
* the friction coefficient increases with the speed
* the friction coefficient remains constant at temperature variations.
Resistance to chemical agents, Solvent resistance , Resistance to atmospheric agents and light , Resistance to radiations, Resistance to high and low temperature (-180 °C ~+260 °C ), Arc-resistance, Corona effect resistance, etc.

100%Virgin PTFE resin, made in China or import matrial, recycled PTFE also avaible.(Products made of recycled PTFE resin, not have same good performance like Vigin PTFE products, so we don't introduce you buy recycled PTFE products )
Technology Specification of 100% white virgin ptfe sheet:

Tensile strength (min)Mpa≥15.0

Break elongation rate