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3 to 250 Mm Diameter PTFE Rod

Basic Info
  • Contraction Percentage: Not Test

  • Diameter: 3mm

  • Specification: (diametre5mm--250mm *1000mm)

  • HS Code: 3916909000

  • Material: PTFE

  • Water Absorption: <0.01%

  • Tensile Strength: (30~40)MPa

  • Product Description

1. Superior endurance in corrosion
2. Superior endurance in seasonal change
3. Non-flammable, limited oxygen index is under 90.
4. Low friction coefficient
5. Non-viscous
6. Superior endurance in high & low temperature, can be used -190~260° C.
7. High electricity insulation
8. High electricity resistance coefficient
9. Self-lubricating
10. Atmospheric aging resistance
11. Radiation-resistant properties and low permeability
III. Teflon Rod Applications
Used as a resistant high & low temperature material, corrosion-resistant materials, insulation materials in the atomic energy, defense, aerospace, electronics, electrical, chemical industry, machinery, instruments, meters, construction, textile, metal surface treatment, pharmaceutical, medical, food, and metallurgical smelting industry, and become irreplaceable products.