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100% Expanded PTFE Gasket, Expanded PTFE Sheet

May 27, 2016

Expanded PTFE Gasket

Expanded PTFE Gasket is 100% PTFE, resistant to all corrosive media. Soft, twistable and bendable at will.
Excellent anti-wriggle variation ability and cold current resistance, even in case of cross change of temperature and pressure, good sealing can be assured.Prime Features
> Easily to be used and replaced
> Wide service scope, it can replace any asbestos gasket, seal-armoured gasket, metallic gaskets, etc
> Diverse pipelines enameled products, glass, rubber products, plastic, non-rusting graphite lining tower, heat-exchanger
> Great interchangeability
> Easy to store and purchaseSpecification
Pressure: 19.6 Mpa
Temperature: -286~320oC